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Elect Daphne Harris District 8

Elect daphne harris sac city council district 8

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Daphne M Harris

1104 Corporate Way, Sacramento, California 95831, United States

(916) 837-1138 electharrisdistrict8@gmail.com


Monday - Friday: 9am - 10pm

Saturday: 8am - 9pm

Sunday: 12pm - 7pm


What is our Vision for District 8

Our core values are the Youth, families and Seniors in our community!  There is a way to have viable communities without sacrificing quality of life!

These are our Priorities

Developing a permanent 24/7 Youth and Educational Center located at 2812 Meadowview Road, Sacramento, CA 95832 (32 acre lot sitting between District 7 and District 8).  Working with the Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District to establish a tiny home community as well.  Business and Government can solve any problem for the District 8 residents, when it is a PRIORITY!

Homeownership is Priority #1

Everyone desires a stable place to live and THRIVE!  Let's end homelessness by 2022 Sacramento with Dignity!  Women and children desire to be safe! #EndHomelessnessSacramentoWithDignity2020

Ownership Challenge

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Homeownership Challenge


Our challenge for the next 3 months is to find homes for 11 new homeowners!  We work with 1st time buyers, empty nesters and home upgrades!

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